Fresh out of rehab, I arrived at the FROG House, with my mind still cloudy. During my 3+ months there, I participated in their Foundations of Recovery program; A program which turned my life around.

I learned about and worked the 12 steps of recovery, attended meetings on a daily basis, and obtained a sponsor.   Now I’m practicing what I learned at the FROG House. I Still have regular contact with the guys from the House and I am blessed to have them as friends. The “Foundations of Recovery” taught me life lessons like humility and self-giving. This program has truly given me a new life!
I’m looking forward to continuing my spiritual growth and hope to be able to give something back.

– Bob F. Philadelphia, PA

I was a chronic relapser prior to participating in the Foundations of Recovery Program.  I found it very helpful to have an intimate, small group of guys to get together with daily. We went through the steps together and could talk about anything going on in our lives and what we were doing to enhance our recovery. The program and my willingness to take the actions have given me a solid foundation for my life.

– Jason R. Richmond, VA